Rock Ridge Construction Management is a family-owned business located in Northern New Jersey. We have been building homes in the area for over 15 years and specialize in construction management in the high end marketplace of residential construction, typically involving unique, complex builds.

We have built our business around quality, integrity, organization and customer satisfaction. All of the documentation for the projects we work on are stored in the cloud and are available to view by the owner at their convenience to ensure transparency.

The documents are neatly filed into folders related to the particular task at hand. We also track all expenses and provide a monthly accounting. Because each project is special unto itself, we are always flexible in the way we work to best suit the owner’s needs.


Chris Lombardo is president and CEO of Rock Ridge Construction Management. He started his career in advertising advancing to Vice President/ Creative Director, creating advertising for numerous fortune 500 brands. After a vacation and some soul searching, he has decided to move into a business where his work would have a more permanent presence in the community.

He decided to partner with his father and enter into the homebuilding market in Northern NJ. This was a business that his father and grandfather were involved in throughout their lives. As time went on, the company that he co-founded has become known as one of the most prominent home builders in the state of NJ. Chris has incredible eye for detail, is known for his excellent design aesthetic and for keeping current on the latest technology and how it can improve the owner’s overall experience living in their home.

When asked about himself he responds: “look at the work that we have achieved and ask for references from my past clients. They would all love to invite you into their homes. They are just as proud of the end product as we are, as I am sure you and your family will be as well”. After all, building a home is an incredible experience and should be made as enjoyable, and transparent, as possible.

Sal Lombardo started his career in Advertising & Design. Studied architecture at Pratt Institute, and is a graduate of School of Visual Arts NYC and became President, Creative Director/Partner of an advertising agency, winning numerous design awards, with work appearing around the world.

During that time, he was also building homes in Alpine and Cresskill, a business he learned from his father.

Retiring young from the Advertising & Design world, he decided to go into building full time. The thing that he realized he had learned from his father was how to build a great home, and always focus on all the details. And the one big plus he had over other builders is that he could make everything look great. That’s something you can’t teach someone, you simply have it, or you don’t.

After a short time building homes together with Chris, it was obvious that he had the same ability. Their reputation in Northern NJ has become very clear among home buyers.

With a strong design sensibility, and extreme attention to detail, the quality and craftsmanship is apparent in each finished product.