Chris Lombardo is the President and CEO of Rock Ridge Construction Management, LLC. Having started his career in advertising and advancing to Vice President/Creative Director while creating successful campaigns for numerous fortune 500 brands, he decided to move into a business where his work would have a more permanent presence in the community.

Chris decided to partner with his father Sal Lombardo and enter into the New York Metropolitan Area homebuilding market. As time went on, the company that he co-found; Rock Ridge Construction Management, LLC has become one of the most prominent home building companies in the state of New Jersey. Chris has an incredible eye for detail. He has excellent design aesthetics and keeps current on the latest technologies geared toward improving the owner’s overall experience of living in their home.

When asked about his achievements, Chris responded: “After we complete each job we are humbled by how much joy our work brings to each one of our clients.” After all, Chris believes that building a home is a very personal, emotional, and unique experience for each individual home buyer. He and his team strive to make the home building process transparent and enjoyable for everyone.  

Sal Lombardo studied architecture at Pratt Institute, and is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He started his career in advertising and design and quickly became President and Creative Director/Partner of an advertising agency. He is known for winning numerous design awards, with his work appearing all around the world. During that time, he also built homes in Alpine and Cresskill, New Jersey, a business he learned from his father.

Sal partnered with his son Chris after retiring at a young age from the advertising industry and decided to take on building homes full-time. What Sal immediately learned from his father, was how to build a great home. Sal and Chris have always focused on the smallest details and discovered how effortless it was for them to make anything look good. This skill is an advantage they both have over many other builders and it is not something you can teach someone, you simply have it, or you don’t. Together they have developed over $100,000,000 in residential properties in New Jersey.

Their reputation in Northern New Jersey has become very clear among home buyers. With a strong design sensibility, and extreme attention to detail, the quality and craftsmanship is apparent in each finished product they produce.